Sound therapy crystal singing bowls



Crystal Bowl Meditation


In this class, you will experience a guided meditation and healing session with sacred sounds from crystal singing bowls.The sounds of singing bowls create deep mental and physical relaxation and unlock energy blockages which helps to put the body back into balance and a sense of harmony. After a session of Sound Therapy, you will be leaving relaxed, feeling lighter, more open and connected to yourself.

Benefits of Sound Healing


Tunning Fork & Singing Bowls reduce stress that can place the listener into a meditative state. Sound healing is an alternative treatment  for problems like anxiety, chronic pain, sleeping disorders, stress, hormonal imbalance, and PTSD.


There are energy fields which are created and sustained by the universal energy field. The fundamental principle of sound healing is that physical, emotional and mental symptom are being generated by an underlying energy field. Therefore, if we can change the energy field, the physical, emotional and mental behavioral patterns will change as well.



Svetlana was born in the Czech Republic, lived in various Eastern European countries such as Ukraine and Russia and has been living in Las Vegas for over 4 years. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Healer, Sound Therapist and certified in teaching meditation. She has been working with clients for 5+years using several healing methods.


One of her passions is to teach meditation while playing crystal singing bowls.


Come experience her healing energy and guidance.