Halo Sound Ascension

Halo Sound Ascension

Hello, Beautiful Souls!

We are so excited to bring you an entirely new Sound Ascension experience! Come join us for an evening of energy healing, sound healing, intention setting, connection, and ceremony, while receiving The Salt Room’s very unique Halotherapy. This is a powerful new merge that we are honored to be able to offer.

Halo Sound Ascension is a ceremony of music and healing that is focused on the Heart and Throat Chakras – our centers of emotional connection, Unconditional Love, confident & compassionate communication, and authentic self-expression. We will begin by bringing full awareness to these energy centers, identifying blockages and traumas that are stored here and ready for release. We will then shift into a light Pranayama (breathwork) exercise in order to bring our minds, bodies, emotions, and breath into alignment, followed by the Sound Ascension healing. Ending with fun and inclusive breathing, toning, and sighing-release exercise, we will ensure that everyone leaves feeling light, open, and crystal clear, with a new connection to body, breath, heart, and self.

Halotherapy, or Salt Therapy, is the process of breathing dry, micronized salt particles in the form of salt air, which are by produced by The Salt Room’s Halogenerator. These micronized salt particles can travel to the smallest and deepest areas of the lungs and sinuses. The inhalation of the salt particles helps reduce inflammation in the airways, opens constricted airways, and increases the clearance of mucus. Allergens and pollutants can more easily be eliminated from the bodices as the mucus thins, and as constriction is reduced in the bronchi and bronchioles. This unique type of therapy brings a natural healing element from the earth to our bodies and hearts. Halotherapy is used to help with: allergies, asthma, bronchitis, cold & flu, COPD, cystic fibrosis, eczema, emphysema, fatigue, hay fever, pneumonia, psoriasis, rhinitis, sinus infections, sleep apnea, smoker’s cough, snoring, and wheezing.

Eric Cavell Brown and Colleen McMillian are Reiki Masters that work together performing their own unique style of Energy Healing that they call “Sound Ascension.” This style of Energy Healing focuses on combining Reiki, Sound Healing, Intuitive Healing, and Shamanic Healing modalities. Channeling the many frequencies and vibrations of sound through chanting, toning, singing, and instrument playing, Eric and Colleen lead a ceremonial journey of introspection, self-discovery, and healing on the deepest levels possible.


  • Guests will be seated or laying down in The Salt Room’s anti-gravity chairs. We recommend bringing one small blanket, and/or a pillow to be comfortable in your seat.
  •  A bottle of water is advised
  • If you feel called, maybe write your intentions down on a piece of paper to bring with you
  • Are you a note taker? Feel free to bring a notebook and pen!
  • We encourage everyone to bring any items of comfort, magick, security, or personal connection to share in and contribute to the energy of the space that we hold. This can include crystals, a special blanket, a photo of a loved one, your favorite shoes, your best friend, whatever floats your boat.

– We are asking a $44 donation per person for this circle and Halotherapy experience.

- All who come will receive a 25% discount on any private Sound Ascension services!

Instructor: Eric & Colleen

Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm


Price: $44