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Sessions start on top of the hour so make sure you arrive 5 min. early to ensure entrance, there is no late entrance allowed to avoid disrupting other clients or loosing Salt concentration from opening the door after a session has started. New clients please arrive 10 minutes before the hour to fill out the disclaimer.

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3 Halotherapy Sessions


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Benefits of Halo-therapy


The calming and detoxifying effects of Halo therapy  can support the immune system, nervous and lymphatic system. Additional benefits are reduced  stress and headaches, while promoting better sleeping patterns. The term “Halo” is derived  from the Greek and it means salt. Halo therapy is is accomplished by using salt vapor made by a special generator.  It has applications for respiratory ailments, skin irritations, and combat mental lethargy. For centuries monks used naturally occurring salt caverns to treat respiratory  ailments.


Halo, the word is derived from the Greek word, meaning salt. During a 45 minute session a generator converts the Sodium Chloride (salt) into aerosolized form and pumps it into The Salt Cave. Salt, in aerosol form is essential for those seeking a holistic approach in their quest to alleviate some of their discomforts in regards to breathing and skin disorders along with reducing stress and anxiety. In aerosolized form the salt and its healing properties as a natural anti-inflammatory and compound can facilitate in the breakdown of unwanted material in the deepest pockets of our lungs. Therefore, as it reduces the inflammation, the expulsion of material is with greater ease.


Ever wonder why your skin feels and looks so soft and rejuvenated after a visit to the ocean? Well, a visit to our Salt Cave is much like the beach is to your skin, except, the salt is in higher concentrations, and we do this without the harmful rays of the sun.


When it comes to a mini staycation, not many can things can equal experiencing the tranquility of our genuine Himalayan salt cave. Each brick that lines the caves’ wall represents many millennia’s of the salt getting infused with the minerals unique to its serene environment. It is the infusion of minerals through time that gives Himalayan salt unique and beneficial properties.  The Cave is entirely lined and illuminated with beautiful amber glowing salt bricks, defusing their beneficial negatively charged ions, while our generator saturates the room full of salt. With this carefully crafted micro climate we leave you relaxed, invigorated and charged for the remainder of your day.

Breath well, live well….