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Kundalini Yoga


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Kundalini Yoga is a blend of Bhakti Yoga (the yogic practice of devotion and chanting), Raja Yoga (the practice of mediation/mental and physical control) and Shakti Yoga, (for the expression of power and energy).


An uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices, Kundalini Yoga incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras, such as Sat Nam, meaning "truth is my identity." The goal is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness.


Everyone can do Kundalini, you can modify it to your needs. Always tell your teacher if you are working with an injury


Aside of being very fun Kundalini Yoga is a very safe way to stimulate our energetic potential to maximise our bodies’ abilities to live a healthy, happy, and holy life—in body, mind and spirit.


Effectiveness: Kundalini Yoga results in a steady and predictable progress, which leverages the basic functions of the body and the mind to create rapid, sustainable, personal growth and healing. The exercises bring the body and mind to a state where deep meditation is easily achieved.


It is considered to be one of the most comprehensive of all of the yoga traditions as it combines many practices such as meditation, mantra, physical postures and breathing techniques. It is a Royal (Raj) Yoga as it contains all eight aspects (limbs) of Yoga.


The Kundalini energy is a poetic metaphor which describes the potential energy that exists within each of us. The Kundalini energy is considered to be located in the energetic body at the base of the spine. With the practice of Yoga, the Kundalini energy expands upwards awakening our potential to connect with our higher selves. Kundalini Yoga practices enliven our Kundalini energy in a systematic and “tried and tested” format so that the student does not access any more energy than they can gracefully accommodate.


Kundalini Yoga is centred on the personal experience and awareness of the student, through the awakening of the Kundalini energy.


This allows the student to harness the full potential of their body’s nervous and glandular systems which in turn balances the subtle systems of chakras and meridians.
Holistic in Nature: In this tradition, meditation is not considered separate from the Yoga postures (asana); meditation is integral to the practice.

Yin Yoga


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Join us with a yin yoga session in the Halo-therapy room.


The calming and detoxifying effects of halotherapy can support the immune, nervous and lymphatic systems. Additional benefits are reduced stress and headaches, increased energy, and better sleep patterns.


Breathe in the natural benefits of salt therapy.


Salt ions purify the air and may increase Lung capacity and reduce physical ailments.


Skin conditions can also be improved with halotherapy (psoriasis, rashes, eczema, acne).


Pure mineral salts have natural moisturizing properties and support the skin’s water balance and barrier function by attracting moisture to the skin. Minerals are necessary for cell function and detoxification, mineral salts have strong rejuvenating properties.


Yin yoga is a passive, transformative style less active than other types of yoga.


Targeting the deep connective tissues, bones, joints, fascia, and ligaments in the body will activate the parasympathetic nervous system (rest/digest/recovery).


Ground As you tune out the daily focus and slow down, listen to the body, let go and surrender, reconnect with your mind and spirit.


Get both benefits on Halo-Yin tuesdays!

Vinyasa Yoga


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Salt Vinyasa is a slower paced, gentle, all levels class suitable for beginners and advanced students alike. This class will employ methods of safe stretch and gentle strengthening to increase range of motion, get relief from aches and pains, and reduce stress. Enjoy the benefits of yoga and halotherapy and leave with a fuller breath, a calm mind, and a greater sense of wellbeing. 



Chakra Alchemy Full Moon Meditation


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A full moon evening to perceive energy, connect to higher dimensional energy and channel that energy into various aspects of life.



1st activation:Yin CHAKRA YOGA / SOUND BATH.


According to the yogic tradition of India, the seven chakras, or energy centers, concentrate and distribute refined life-force energy throughout the body.


During the session we will lead a detailed restorative yoga practice and meditation instructions to understanding the chakras and bring them into balance.This is for students who wish to cultivate subtle energies using ancient methods.



2nd activation: COSMIC ALCHEMY, group experience.


The Cosmic Alchemy is a meditative exercise, Relaxing, focusing, and letting your true self re-center.


Your consciousness will open and become aware of energies beyond the physical.


Cosmic Alchemy is a direct focus on source energy in its most primordial state. It is a process of deeper and deeper immersion in that energy.


The participant actually sees and experiences source energy and light.


Connecting into this energy impacts everyone in a variety of ways: emotionally, creatively, spiritually, physically, and in particular, however we choose to direct it.


It activates our latent natural abilities. The experience itself is wonderful, and you feel the residual effects of it long after you're done meditating.


''The present moment is the only moment available to us, and it is the door to all moments."


Susana Webber


Susie found Reiki to be a portal of healing and energy rejuvenation. After becoming a true believer in the power of this special modality, Susie then sought out to become a certified Reiki practitioner and later became a Reiki master in Utah. Upon practicing reiki, Kundalini eventually found its way into Susie’s path. She quickly became entranced with the practice and soon became certified to teach Kundalini.


Much like Reiki, Kundalini works around energy and breath work. However, instead of having another person guide and generate energy for you, kundalini teaches you how to generate that same energy for yourself, which is Susie’s goal for all her students.


Lola Listener


Born and raised in the South of France, Lola has had a passion and innate connection with horses since early age. Competitions later led her to become a professional race horse rider (Jockey) giving her the ability to travel around the world! Lola is a Metaphysical Practitioner, she completed the Metaphysical Mastery Programs and teaches how to perceive energy, connect to higher dimensional energy, visit higher dimensional realms and channel that energy into various aspects of life. Lola completed the 200 Hours Training certified through Yoga Alliance. She currently teaches Yin Yoga. Yoga helped her with physical recovery from horse racing related injuries. She gained more flexibility, balance, and strength than she previously had. The physical practice of yoga is quite fun and will make you feel better, Vinyasa is fun, challenging and Yin is more an internal practice that helps ease any tension and stress, they both help to dissolve barriers to unify the mind, body, and spirit.

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Adriana Lee


Adriana Lee is all about self discovery and empowerment through yoga. She teaches her students how to breathe, how to feel, and how to get reacquainted with their bodies. As a teacher, she breaks down big concepts and complicated poses to make them more interesting and more accessible. She is a total anatomy geek and is constantly learning more and more about the body so that she can better serve her students. Students leave the class feeling refreshed, connected to their bodies, and empowered.


Adriana is truly passionate about yoga and radiates love to her students. She says, “I found yoga at an impressionable age & important time in my life. I was too young to understand the depth of what I was doing – thought it was just exercise. But it made an imprint on me. Later, I used yoga to get through a challenging relationship and even more challenging divorce. That’s when I decided to become a teacher. It was my safe haven. I learned to be strong, resilient, and more importantly I learned how to feel my emotions fully rather than numbing out. I wanted to share the gift of what I learned. It was way too good to keep all to myself. “ Her intention is to share what she has learned about the magic of movement & the bliss of being.